Online Boutique

As of January 7th, 2020 RSAH account holders will be able to make online purchases of all products available at the hospital excluding prescriptions.

You may choose to have it delivered to the hospital for free pick up or have it delivered directly to your door for an additional cost.

With the exciting new launch of this service, the hospital will be reducing the amount of stock we keep in store; unfortunately we do not have ample storage space for excess product. This reduction will impact larger sized bags of food and specialty formulas. If you currently purchase food from us and are not interested in using the online boutique, it is highly recommended that you call ahead to ensure that the specific diet you are looking for is in stock. We are happy to continue placing orders for you to be picked up in 1-2 business days.

ONLINE BOUTIQUE Currently Opened Currently Closed

Thank you for choosing the Riverside South Animal Hospital as your trusted veterinary team. Your pet’s care is our top priority. We wish you a happy and warm holiday season!

Additional information:

  • To create an account please contact the hospital so we may invite you.
  • Food must be approved for purchase by the hospital to ensure the diet is suitable for your pet and will not interact with or worsen any existing health problems.
  • All other products such as treats, toys, etc. do not need approval for purchase
  • You may opt in to having items on an auto-ship schedule. If you do opt into this you are eligible for 5% off your order.
  • It is advised to read the return policy carefully as some items are not returnable such as clothing for hygiene reasons.
  • With the creation of an account you are eligible for 20% off your first order.