End of Life Care

Riverside South Animal Hospital can help you plan for the palliative care of your pet when we know we can’t provide a cure. We can help manage pain and recommend a palliative diet, supplements, medications and environmental enhancements (e.g. ramps, slings).

When we have exhausted all options for improving an animal’s condition and we know it is not going to get better, the kindest course of action may be humane euthanasia.

We understand that your pet is part of the family and, even after they are gone, they deserve to be treated with respect. Part of the planning for your pet’s end-of-life, is knowing what your options are for after care. We use a certified veterinary crematory service with many after-care options such as: dignified pet crematorium, a private family goodbye, urns and keepsakes. Please feel free to ask us about these options.