November is Senior Pet Month

Did you know that both dogs and cats are considered “senior citizens” once they turn 7 years old? At RSAH we know that as our beloved pets get older they are more likely to become sick, and that as they grow up with you and your family that you want to do everything you can do extend their lifespan!

This is why November is our month of appreciation for our grey and fluffy family members and to increase awareness about what you can do to keep them as happy and healthy as you can! Making sure you bring your pet in for annual check-ups isn’t just important when they’re younger, it’s just as important to make sure they have a yearly physical as they get older. These physicals allow us to check up on your pet’s teeth, weight, coat condition, lungs and heart, all things that can deteriorate with old age! It helps us catch those “old-age” diseases early and gives you and your veterinarian the best advantage in treating them before it gets too bad and causes them discomfort. A lot of these diseases effect the heart, the kidneys, and the liver, so running yearly bloodwork can help us catch signs early so we can hopefully prevent permanent damage.

During the month of November RSAH is offering a discount on all geriatric bloodwork profiles of 35%. We also recognize that a lot of the time your families are growing up with their best friends and getting older together!

Call us today to ask about getting your lovable senior pet in for their annual exam and bloodwork, as well as a weight check so we can make sure their food is still working for them as they get older!