The Staff




Megan graduated from the Veterinary Assistant program at Algonquin College in 2015. She worked at the Alta Vista Animal Hospital and has great experience in Surgery, Emergency, and even ICU! Some of Megan’s daily duties include answering the phone, booking appointments, and cleaning, and she is always the shining smile when you walk in the door! Behind the scenes you can find Megan monitoring your pet as they are under anesthesia, she is a vital partner with the anesthetist!

Megan enjoys going camping, paddle boarding, horseback riding, snow boarding, and spending time with her dogs Bella and Lily. Megan also has 3 cats, a rabbit, and a turtle named Sheldon.


Ashley Jones R.V.T.

Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones

Ashley completed the Veterinary Technology program at St. Lawrence College in 2006 where she was fully trained in parasitology, cytology, hematology, radiography, and anesthesia. She helped open the clinic in 2007 and is the head technician, looked upon for the majority of what makes the hospital run smoothly. Some of her daily duties include taking medical histories, performing laboratory tests, pulling blood samples, maintenance of surgical equipment and keeping track of inventory, as well as pouring her energy into the patients by updating protocols and outlining monthly events to make their care better!

Ashley has a passion for all animals, and loves getting to know new clients and their pets. She also has a special interest in Nutrition and Behaviour. She spends her spare time with her 3 children, boxer named Jarvis, Schnug named Mia, and her special needs cats; Paul and Stitch.

Damian Mason – Veterinary Assistant

Damian Mason

Damian Mason

Damian performs many different daily tasks in our hospital, from greeting clients at the front door to assisting doctors and technicians in exam rooms. He is also an invaluable behind-the-scenes member of our team with duties that include feeding the animals which are staying with us, weighing animals, taking temperatures, giving medication, cleaning cages, and providing care before and after surgery. Damian is often the contact via email to address any questions or concerns that you may have, as well as keeping up our social media connections on Facebook and Twitter.

Damian has a boundless supply of empathy as you will always see him going above and beyond for clients not only in day-to-day examinations but also when it comes time to say goodbye to your best friend. You can always count on Damian for a warm smile and he really makes those difficult times easier for our clients, making him invaluable to RSAH.

Damian loves to go exploring with his golden retriever, Logan. He also has a bevy of cats.

Hila Bredenkamp R.V.T.

Hila Bredenkamp

Hila Bredenkamp

Hila completed the Veterinary Technician program at Seneca College in 2003. Hila has a very colourful background, as she worked at a very high-pace emergency and referral practice in Toronto, she also worked as a Veterinary Nurse in Britain and as a dive master in the Bahamas! During her time in Toronto Hila developed a keen interest in cardiology and critical care and got to work closely with the Cardiologist! Some of Hilas daily duties include pulling blood, running laboratory tests, and evaluating pets during appointments.

Hila discovered her love of animals when she started horseback riding and working with horses. Her first pet was a Belgian sheepdog named Zappa. She currently fosters a Seeing-Eye dog in training named Ranger.



Joanna graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at Algonquin College in 2017 after going to school and working as a Forestry & Wildlife Technician for 5 years. Some of her daily tasks include placing IV catheters, pulling blood, running laboratory tests, and doing dental cleanings. Jo is most easily recognized for her huge heart and empathy towards her patients!

Joanna enjoys roller derby, relaxing, and spending time with her two bengal cats Nala and Simba.




Tanya graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at Algonquin College in 2013. She started her career working in a general practice and then started working at the Alta Vista Animal Hospital where she quickly gained experience in Emergency and then eventually in the ICU. Tanya has a passion for surgery, with a keen interest in Nutrition and Behaviour, as you will commonly see her consulting with her clients about behavioural problems at home, or being the anesthetist for your pet while they are having surgery!

Tanya spends her spare time hiking, camping, playing table top games, and snuggling with her guinea pig named Fabio. Tanya also has 2 cats named Alaska and Gus, an 8 year old Shih-Tzu Dexter with Intravertebral Disc Disease, and a Bevy of Guinea Pigs.


Lori retired from the Canadian Armed Forces in 2014. Not quite yet ready to retire and wanting to do something she loved, she decided to go back to school and become a Veterinary Assistant! Lori graduated from Algonquin College’s Veterinary Assistant program in 2017. Lori completed a 10-week internship with Hope for Wildlife rescue in Mar 2017 where she discovered a love for porcupines. She has a particular interest in animal nutrition and working with clients to achieve healthier pets. Lori loves working with people and can often be seen at reception. Lori was a previous client at RSAH so naturally started working here in 2017 after she graduated! Some of her duties include cleaning, administrative tasks and assisting clinic technicians, as well as answering client’s questions over the phone.

Lori’s shadow is her Mini Golden Doodle named Cassie. In addition, she has 2 Tabby cats named Timbit and Muffin. Lori’s hobbies include reading, watching movies, gardening and traveling the world.

Rebecca Thornhill : Kennel Assistant 

Rebecca Thornhill

Rebecca Thornhill


Rebecca completed a grade 11 Co-op program at our clinic in 2015. She was such a great student and so enthusiastic and wonderful with the animals, that we asked her to stay on part time while she finished high school. Rebecca has grown up with the clinic and is now finishing University and still works part time at RSAH!

Rebecca helps keep everything clean and comfortable for our clients and their pets. She helps to set up for surgery, holding pets for procedures, walks the dogs, helps with grooming and petting the animals.

Her favourite Christmas present was her first dog Meika, a Golden Doodle.